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Wise Owl Acquisitions buys houses no matter the situation.  We understand that people go through hardships at times, and that is why we’re here to help.  Whether you’re going through a divorce, are delinquent on your taxes, or facing foreclosure, we are here to help!  The last thing you want is your house as a burden, and we completely understand.  Below are some of our services that we offer.  If you find yourself in one of these situations, then fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

Vacant Houses

That’s right, we buy all kinds of vacant houses.  Even the kind that have squatters!  If you’re trying to sell your house fast, chances are, many home buyers will be hesitant buying a house that’s been vacant for years.  That’s not the case with us!  We’ve bought houses that have been vacant and abandoned for decades!  Maybe your house isn’t abandoned, but it could be boarded up.  If that’s the case, our Acquisitions Manager will be in touch to get the most information about your property.  This way we can give you the best cash offer for your vacant house.

Out of State Owners

If you’re currently living out of state and don’t want the hassle of maintaining your property, then give us a call.  We understand that having an out of state property can be a headache.  Many times, code violations can pile up because there’s a lack of maintenance.  We all know how much this can cost, especially if there are no tenants paying rent.  If your house is currently vacant and you don’t have the time and money to pay someone to maintain the property for you, give us a call to see how we can help!


If you’re going through a divorce, the last thing you want to worry about is selling your house.  Fortunately, if you’re looking for an easy way out and would like to sell your house fast with no hassles, we are your home buyers!  We can make sure selling your house won’t be a headache.  We simply do this by giving you a cash offer for your house.

Fire Damage

If your house recently had fire damage, that’s nothing to worry about.  Maybe you’d rather not pay thousands of dollars to fix the house.  That’s why you’re looking to sell your house fast.  That’s where we come in as your local home buyers.  We buy houses in all conditions and situations.  This means that fire damage homes don’t scare us one bit.  Even if your house has complete fire damage, give us a call and we’ll give you a cash offer today.

Inherited Houses

Wise Owl Acquisitions buys inherited houses.  If you’ve recently inherited a house and don’t know what to do, we can help.  Inherited houses can be a complete headache.  If you don’t keep up with the taxes and all other holding costs, then you risk the chance of the city selling your property at an auction.  Save yourself from this headache.  Sell your inherited house fast simply by filling out the contact form below.  Someone from our team will be in touch to learn more about your property.

Code Violations

Even if your house has many code violations, that still doesn’t hold us back from buying your house.  Oftentimes, there are consequences for not fixing code violations.  If you have received a recent code violation for not mowing the grass, maybe it’s because it’s been too much of a burden for you to maintain the property.  If this sounds like you, don’t let the code violations keep piling up.  Instead, give us a call or fill out the form below.  We can give you a fair cash offer even if your house has code violations.

Evictions and Tired Landlords

Are you tired of your tenants not paying rent on time, and is it costing you money?  If you currently have tenants that you are thinking about evicting, or are in the process of evicting, let us know.  Before you spend a lot of money trying to evict your tenants, let us give you a cash offer for your house.  Simply walk out of the situation, get cash for your house, and move on.  So if you’re tired of being a landlord and need to sell your house fast, get in touch with us today!

Behind on Taxes

If you owe the city a ton of money in taxes, no worries.  There’s a way out, we promise.  Many home buyers do not purchase properties that have debt.  It works different here at Wise Owl Acquisitions.  We buy houses even if you’re behind on taxes.  The way we do this is, we pay off all the taxes that are owed under the property.  Then we purchase the house.  We always make sure that you walk away with a profit at the end of the day.  Not only do we pay off your taxes owed on the property, but we also give you cash for your house!  This allows you to avoid going to auction, and instead, selling your house fast!

Mortgage Foreclosure

If you’re facing mortgage foreclosure, don’t sit and wait.  Having your house go to auction is not necessary.  At Wise Owl Acquisitions, we offer solutions if you’ve been behind on your mortgage payment.  Even if you’re months behind on your mortgage payment, we can help.  Some home owners are under water with their mortgage.  This doesn’t scare us!  We buy houses that are facing foreclosure.  Stop foreclosure today by giving us a call!

Have questions for us?  Or are you looking to get a cash offer for your house today?  Simply fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!

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